Telemedicine has historically been an innovative part of human medicine well before smartphones had been introduced to the market. That said, the virtual care movement is in full swing given the rise and advancement in mobile technology. We can now access care in veterinary medicine quite seamlessly through virtual care apps, which enable you to connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your own home or workplace. It saves you a trip to the vet and provides the peace of mind and convenience that a pet parent is looking for in the modern-day veterinary practice.

Telemedicine is NOT for emergencies and does not take the place of an in-person exam. We are offering this service to try our best to offer you services in any way possible during this difficult and stressful time. If you have questions regarding if your pet should be seen please call our office directly at (508) 775-4521 or Cape Cod Veterinary Specialists at Buzzards Bay during off hours at (508) 759-5125.

  • A live chat can be done on any smart phone or tablet but CANNOT be done on a laptop or computer. You can send pictures over the live chat! You can start a live chat whenever you like when a veterinarian is available, no appointment times are needed. Live chats are $40.00
  • Video chats can be done on any device with a camera and microphone. Appointment times are needed for video chats. To make a video appointment, you first register with Anipanion and then call our specific phone line provided by Anipanion. Soon you will be able to make appointments directly through the app, no phone call needed-this should happen within the next week or so! Video chats are $50 for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, additional fees apply.

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